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Notes from Underneath: The end of another "era"

Notes from Underneath

A California girl in Chilsters (that's Chile to you)

Monday, November 15, 2010


The end of another "era"

On Friday, I posted the following on my Twitter account: "Auto reply stating I no longer work 'there' is set and in full effect. Pretty much an era (career-wise) is over. Crazy."

An end of an era for sure. I spent almost seven years working for a Japanese- American company and selling the rights to our library of Japanese animation to various partners around the world. It was a good time and I learned quite a lot about brand management and life cycle, negotiations, selling, customer relationships and planning ahead. But as I mentioned before, there were lots of reasons why I decided to make the move to find a job here in Chile and though I'm starting to get really nervous about my first day at a new job, I still feel it was the best decision I could have made.

Then I started thinking about another said "era" that's come to an end and that's the written story about the California bred girl who moved to Chile to marry the love of her life.

In other words, this blog.

I'm not sure I have any more to say about my transition to Chile, my adaptation and my journey navigating this wicked system. I realize that anything else I have to say about life here has already been said - and quite well - in so many other blogs by expats who live here as well. These men and women continue to do an exceedingly amazing job about describing the life, culture and everyday of living here. (One has even written a book for the Kindle!) So much so, that I turn to their blogs for information and perspectives from a fellow gringos. Sure, my perspective might differ and sure, there are probably people out there who want to read about that (I think), but I feel that I wrote about all I wanted to write about with regards to my move and my life here in the first 18 months.

In making this decision, I looked back and thought about everything I wrote in the past and I think I did a pretty decent job of chronicling what it's like to move from the U.S. to Chile and organizing the pieces of your life here and there. I covered:
- how I met my husband (why on Earth I moved here in the first place)
- leaving California
- opening a bank account
- making new friends
- missing old friends
- planning a wedding
- becoming a U.S. citizen
- getting a dog
- getting married
- Chilean nuances and idiosyncrasies, such as staring and opinions on responsible pet ownership (to name a few)
- dealing with my husband's wicked ex
- starting a post graduate program at a Chilean university
- the process of finding a job
- everyday things such are supermarkets Jumbo and Lider
And of course, many many other things.

The whole purpose of this blog was to write about my new life here and now that I look back I feel content that I've done just that. Anything else after this post isn't really about an expat living in Chile. Maybe to an extent it might be, but it wouldn't be my main message. I think that anything after requires a whole new blog, something with a broader scope and something that would allow me to write more than just about my day-to-day (in the end, how interesting could that be?).

The reality is that my observations about Chilean life as an expat aren't all that interesting nor are they revolutionary. Yet I bet that if I dig deep down into my bag of tricks, I can come up with something far more brilliant than what I've concluded here. That's not to say I'm not sad about leaving my first blog behind. Part of me wonders if I'm copping out prematurely. But then I think, what the hell is left to say about being a Gringa who moves to Chile and adjusts to life here?

This blog had a life cycle and an expiration date from the start. And by no means do I plan to overstay its welcome. Even so, I'll never stop writing and it may be that I'll never stop blogging (at present, tbd of course). But in this age of constant online sharing and TMI of one another's life, I offer the loyal followers out there an invitation to 1) join Twitter and 2) follow me there. There happens to be an inverse correlation between my blogging and my Twitter use.

What can I say? Maybe micro blogging's my new thing...


Waaaahhhhh! I'm sad. I loved reading your blogs because your voice is so unique. But I totally understand, and in fact (shhhh don't tell) I'm thinking about doing the same thing myself. Good luck with your new job!
Thanks for your version of expat life in Chile, unfortunate how you will no longer continue. I'm sure we will still to be entertained via twitter though.


... Looks like I'll have to go and update our 9 Expat blogs from Chile you should read list.
I had a blog that documented my cross country trip out here and my first year here and I too eventually felt all had been said and left it to occasional posts. I'll be sad to see you not update as much but I understand. And we have Twitter ;)
Booooooooooo. I love your blog (and I don't do "the twitter." I guess we'll have to go back to emailing. Sigh. Besos.
I am protesting your blog retirement. Just because you're no longer in that transition phase doesn't mean you don't have interesting, smart things to say. I may consider being pacified with the promise of a new blog with a different focus, however, so hurry up and start that one - if only because you owe us dining experiences part 2!
Wow, I can't believe this is it. But kind of a perfect time to end a chapter and start a new one, no? Congratulations on your new start! Good luck and all the best always.
I understand what you're saying, but you're such a good writer! My blog is so 6th grade writing and yours is so...well, adult. Congratulations on your new beginnings.
Well, it was a very entertaining and enjoyable to read this blog. Hope you find another outlet, one day, to write stuff greater than 140 characters.
I wish I had discovered your blog sooner. Your posts have been the jumping off point of many discussions with my Chilean-born husband and our potential move south. I wish you the best in this new chapter. I look forward to your tweets.
My very first comment on your very last entry (and I read EVERY SINGLE ONE YOU WROTE!). My first thought is: no please don't go! My second thought is: please do start up another broader forum for your thoughts! My third thought is: can we get a reoccurring Gchat Video Sesh on the schedule? I love you Dre!!!
Muahahaha!! Me thinks something else might be in the works! Something that allows more freedom of topics.... just you wait.

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